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Gallager, Gallager what would you say

If you were to see a watermelon today?

Would you resist the urge to smash

Or would your mallet twitch for a good bash?


What did those watermelons ever do to you?

I bet you they have a family too.

Did you ever care? you strange old man,

Of course not, you get laughs where you can.


So one night not far from now

While you dream of crowds to wow

A watermelon in your room will creep

And bash in your head whilst you sleep.


by Puke

Watermelon for Loco

Four Loco, For Loco, the watermelon bind.

It tickles my tummy and blows out my mind.

To be honest it’s one of a kind.

My eyes bulge and my pulse races,

As I stare at the cans through these cold, glass cases.

I pop the top and that pink fluid glistens.

I drop the straw in and my inhibition lessens.

Minutes later my head’s in a buzz. My knees start to quiver, and oops! There goes my liver!

Watermelon, watermelon, don’t ask for none.

‘Cause by now you must know this drink has won.

Insanity or Simply Watermelon

Sea-foam green with streaks of Kelly,

Plump and oval, so juicy it tickles my belly.

Inside so sweet, the fuchsia, the seeds…

Mouthwatering sensations that dribble and tease.

A chunk, a slice; you name the price.

It’s not apples I’m selling, it’s simply watermelon.

Then, something cracks open inside me, not unlike that watermelon,

Cool and soothing and sweet.

Insanity. It’s drenching and delicious, (if you really roll around in it).

Bad World, Bad

When we was in ‘K’, what’s the three rules you remember? 1) Keep your hands to yourself 2) Share, and most important 3) If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.
Wow, what happened between then and now?
Even in the bible our most important Father says 1) love your neighbor 2) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Lord gave us the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
No wonder God made Revelations. He too knew we’d screw up.
Now close your eyes, picture you laying in a field of nice green grass, by a quiet pond as the swans swim side by side. The love birds are singing their song in the tree up above. Squirrels playing, crickets predicting the weather, you hear a lonely bullfrog looking for his love, ‘croak croak’.

You’re now picturing a world God wanted it to be with all the fruits of the spirits in line. What a happy time.

Now the grass is on fire and you’re running like hell. As you glimpse back you see the swans pulled under the water and drown. The squirrels are going nuts trying to find their holes, the love birds are fighting and losing feathers, sealing their fate to burn.
You just killed the bullfrog who just died alone never to have found his true love, and you hear the crickets burn. So as you’re running from the fire, stepping on the frogs and crickets, laughing at the swans that are drowning trying to save yourself, trying to stay out of the fire of hell.

Just remember God’s always watching and not happy about the world’s behavior. Look at NY City and remember Revelations.

by Denise Bozarth

Comes Easy

I don’t understand my decisions at times. Choosing the ones that always turn on a dime. Opting for choices that cause me such pain. Tumultuous concessions, another bullet to the brain. When I sit back relaxed, and take a deep breath, I can clearly see why… and I must confess… Intricately woven this web of pain, it took years to compile all my fears. Seeking the wrong path was how I accepted not being perfect, good enough or rejected. So as I now sit and can lucidly look at all the pain in my life and the pleasures it took… the energy, the drive, the power wasn’t measly… See for a masochist like me… the pain just comes easy.

by Cheryl H.


Down a road of delusion, wrong way on a lane of confusion. U-turns on life’s highways, traffic lanes and bi-ways. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, depending on the burden towed. Yet found myself in the same place, a victim of my own rat race.

by Cheryl H.

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